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Scoop Coverage: Rena Oil Spill Worsens

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Press releases, updates and commentary on the October 2011 groundin of the transport ship Rena on the Astrolabe reef outside Taurange, New Zealand, and the resulting oil spill, the worst maritime disaster in New Zealand history.Ongoing coverage. Click reload to see the latest version or try the Scoop front page.

Gordon Campbell: How The Rena Spill Relates To East Cape Oil Exploration

You’d think it would be obvious that if New Zealand hasn’t got the necessary equipment or management skills to handle an oil spill just outside Tauranga, it should suspend oil exploration activities that could well lead to a similar spill – or worse – off the remote regions of the East Cape. No such luck, though. More>>


20/10/11: Nine Salvors Return To Rena; Pumping Starts Again; Beach Cleanups Resume

“The salvors have resumed pumping operations, but a number of safety checks needed to be carried out first. This is an extremely involved and highly complex operation. The last thing we want to do is to rush this process,” says salvage unit manager Bruce Anderson. More>>


Scoop Business: Costamare Got Yield Of 32% Buying Secondhand Ships Like Rena

Costamare Inc. has told investors it purchased secondhand container ships, including the MV Rena, at a good time and is making a yield of 32 percent on them, company documents show. More>>


19/10/11 – Two Weeks On: Rena Salvage Efforts Reach Critical Phase, With Bad Weather; But Ship Hasn’t Moved Overnight

There has been no report of any further movement from Rena overnight. Salvage company experts will be flying out to the vessel about 7.30am to assess the situation. The weather this morning is poor, with seas ranging from rough to very rough (2-4m swells) and strong winds. This will impact upon salvage operations…

There have been no new reports overnight of oil on beaches, but teams will today clean up oil that came ashore late yesterday along a 3km stretch of beach near Harrison’s Cut. More>>


18/10/11: 90 Tonnes Of Oil Pumped From Rena; Bad Weather Stops Work Overnight

Pumping operations on board the Rena were suspended about 11.30pm last night due to bad weather, with rough seas and strong winds of 35 knots (65km/h). Weather in the area this morning remains poor and will impact on both salvage and oil recovery operations today. There are currently swells peaking at 4m around the vessel.

While pumping has been suspended, salvage experts are continuing with other work on board the vessel, such as cleaning out the engine room, getting more equipment on board and creating more work space. More>>

Gordon Campbell: On Who Should Pay For The Rena

So Transport Minister Stephen Joyce will be meeting this morning with the Mediterranean Shipping Company, the Greek firm that chartered the Rena from its Greek owners, Costamare Inc – with a view to getting MSC to front up to take some responsibility for how the ship was being operated. Good luck with that. More>>


14/10/11: Platform To Be Used To Help Recover Oil; 60km Of Coast Affected

Salvage teams have worked overnight to build a platform, which they intend to attach to the port side of the stranded Rena today. They will then use this platform to assist fuel recovery operations. Two teams of three will be winched on to the vessel this morning… More>>

220 Tons Of Waste Removed From Tauranga Beaches; 3000 Have Volunteered To Help Beach cleaning teams are working all over Tauranga beaches today to clean oil leaked from the cargo vessel Rena. Teams are also being trained and positioned in areas where oil is projected to come ashore over the next few days. A total of 220 tonnes of waste has now been taken to the transfer station. More>>


13/10: Salvage Team Back On Ship

Three salvage experts were winched down to the Rena this morning. They are inspecting the damage to the vessel, and assessing the capability to use the equipment on the ship to resume removing the fuel from the ship. The barge Awanuia is putting new mooring arrangements in place to allow for the safe transfer of oil… 88 containers have been confirmed as lost from the vessel – 48 are empty, one contains the hazardous material ferrosilicon. More>>

“Long Hard Slog” To Clean Oil From Beaches; 500 At Work, 1500 Have Volunteered Clean-up crews tackling oil spilled on Bay of Plenty beaches from the cargo vessel Rena face a “long hard slog,” MNZ National On Scene Commander Nick Quinn said. More>>


Labour: Government Cost-Cutting Contributes To Rena Disaster The National Government has frozen funding for shipping safety watchdog Maritime New Zealand, says Labour Leader Phil Goff and Labour’s Transport Safety spokesperson Darien Fenton. More>>


12/10/11 – Day 8: 70 Containers From Rena Adrift In The Sea. Navigational Warnings. Master Arrested

Approximately 70 containers have come off the Rena and are now adrift in the water. It is highly likely that more will come off due to the severe bad weather and the vessel’s heavy list.

Once an aerial survey is completed, there will be a clearer picture of exactly how many containers have come adrift. This aerial survey will go ahead today once the weather has cleared and the sea conditions have improved…

The Master of the vessel Rena has been arrested and charged by Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) under section 65 of the Maritime Transport Act (MTA) 1994, “for operating a vessel in a manner causing unnecessary danger or risk”. More>>

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