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Drop in crime springboard for new Waikato initiatives

Press Release – New Zealand Police

Figures released today detailing an overall reduction in recorded crime across the Waikato over the past financial year are being used as the launch pad for new initiatives.Drop in crime springboard for new Waikato initiatives

Waikato Police use crime reductions as springboard for new initiatives

Figures released today detailing an overall reduction in recorded crime across the Waikato over the past financial year are being used as the launch pad for new initiatives.

Police District Commander, Superintendent Win van der Velde said total recorded for the Waikato fell by 1.8 percent.

“This figure incorporates 656 fewer offences being recorded in our District during 1 July 2010 to 30 June 2011, which is against an increase in New Zealand’s population of 1.2 percent.

“With new initiatives coming on line such as Neighbourhood Policing Teams, alternative resolutions, corporate partnerships and truancy programmes we expect to build on these gains and have set a target of a 10 percent overall reduction in crime by June next year.”

Mr van der Velde, said the trending down of some crime groups, particularly dishonesty offending, was pleasing and something Waikato residents highlighted as a major priority.

“Unlawful entry with intent/burglary and breaking and entering fell by 9.7 per cent, a reduction of 580 offences. This was led by a 23 per cent reduction in residential burglaries in Hamilton. As we head into the busy summer period it’s vital that we build on these gains.
“To reach our goal we need the community to work alongside us. Our focus over the next year will be on tackling drug and organised crime, crash reduction, youth and alcohol offending and working alongside at risk families.”
There were nine homicide related offences recorded over the past financial year, three less than the year before. Five suspicious deaths were recorded as murder while there were three attempted murder offences and one manslaughter/driving causing death.

“Behind those figures are people who are no longer with their loved ones, whose hopes and dreams have been cut short, the objective now is to ensure other families don’t face similar tragedy.”

While three suspicious deaths involved a component of family violence the level of family violence overall across the District fell 4.1 per cent or 205 offences from 5059 to 4854.
Public Order offences dropped 4.1 per cent or by 144 offences to 3384

“The drop in family violence and public order offences reflects the efforts that have gone in by Police, together with partner agencies, to address public place incidents and violence in the home.”

Other offence divisions to drop included:

• Acts intending to cause injury, which includes most assaults, dropped 3.9 per cent or 154 offences to 3793.
• Robbery, extortion and related offences down 7 per cent or 16 offences to 213
• Illicit drug offences down 13.1 per cent or 291 offences to 1925
• Prohibited and regulated weapons and explosives offences down 3 per cent or 17 offences to 557
• Offences against Justice procedures down 7.7 per cent or 137 offences to 1647
• Miscellaneous offences down 10.7 per cent from 84 to 75
Mr van der Velde said while these crime reductions were welcome, there is always room for improvement and with a greater focus on prevention and disruption techniques further reductions will be achieved.

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