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Citizen-A: Bomber, Selwyn Manning, Bernard Hickey

Column – Citizen-A

Citizen-A (video): Bomber, Selwyn Manning, Bernard Hickey discuss the week’s big issues including: the MV Rena oil spill; Prime Minister John Key’s credibility downgrade; and Occupy Queen Street. And a last word is said by all on the panel…

Bomber Bradbury’s – Citizen-A!

Martyn “Bomber” Bradbury delivers his weekly current affairs programme Citizen-A!

Citizen A this week Featuring Bomber Bradbury, Selwyn Manning and Bernard Hickey.

Issue 1 – The Rena fiasco – can impotence cripple a Government and what does this disaster say for deep sea drilling?

Issue 2 – Has John Key suffered a credibility downgrade over his credit downgrade comments and how optimistic do you need to be to believe after the $18billion deficit announced this week that the Government can return to surplus by 2014?

Issue 3 – Occupy Queen Street is happening this Saturday in solidarity with the Wall St occupation. Post 1929 stock market collapse, Communism and Fascism competed with Democracy for hegemonic political dominance. Post 2008 stock market collapse, how do a disparate collection of angry poverty stricken occupiers challenge Capitalisms excesses?

Plus there’s a final word from each of the panel.

Citizen-A broadcasts on Sky channel 89 & Freeview channel 21 on Thursday and Sunday evenings. Also, check out Bomber on Facebook…

The show broadcasts weekly on Triangle/Stratos TV and on Scoop. Bomber also posts on the Tumeke! blog:

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