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95bFM: Manning & Armistead Devour The Yellow-Cake Debate

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95bFM: Selwyn Manning & Jon Armistead discuss how ships carrying yellow-cake, concentrated uranium ore, have been docking at NZ ports. How safe is it? Is NZ geared up to tackle a radioactive spill? Is NZ part of the nuke weapons/energy community?

95bFM Audio: Selwyn Manning & Jon Armistead Cook Up A Fearsome Yellow-Cake

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On today’s counter-clockwise, Selwyn Manning and 95bFM’s Jon Armistead talk about how shipments of uranium from Adelaide in South Australia have been transiting through New Zealand ports. Has the Government been convincing when it assures us that the uranium is safe? Is this a breach of the New Zealand Anti-Nuclear way? Are we prepared to tackle a radioactive spill should one similar to the Rena disaster occur?

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