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5AA Aust: Selwyn Manning & Peter Godfrey On YellowCake In NZ

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5AA Australia: Selwyn Manning & Peter Godfrey discuss how the Rena oil spill has unearthed concerns that Australia uranium is being shipped to the United States via NZ ports, the ships have carried thousands of tonnes of the radioactive material.

5AA Adelaide: Selwyn Manning & Peter Godfrey on Australian Yellow-Cake In NZ Ports + RWC Update

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Scoop’s Selwyn Manning and 5AA Australia’s Peter Godfrey discuss how the MV Rena break-up, oil spill, environmental disaster has demonstrated how vulnerable New Zealand is, and adding to this concern are revelations that Australian mined uranim, yellow-cake, is being shipped to the United States via New Zealand ports. New Zealand apparently has no hardware, nor a developed plan on how to deal with a radioactive accident.

Also, the Rugby World Cup finals will take place on Sunday between France and the New Zealand All Blacks. Australia’s Wallabies plays Wales on Friday evening!

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