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Speech: Peters – Forming a Government For The People

Speech – New Zealand First Party

Today is the day New Zealand shook off its shackles of despair and took its first faltering steps into the sunlight of economic freedom and social optimism. Today is the day New Zealand stared down the forces that tried to divide and conquer us. Read more »

Speech: Powell – DHBs

Speech – Association of Salaried Medical Specialists


TPPA secrecy is undemocratic

Press Release – Democrats for Social Credit

The continuing silence of most New Zealand MPs regarding government’s clandestine negotiations about the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement indicates either their ignorance of what is going on or their willing connivance in selling New Zealand … Read more »

Government blocks public hearing on trade agreement

Press Release – Alan Groves

The government has blocked a request for a select committee hearing on the implications of the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. A parliamentary petition signed on behalf of 13 organisations that collectively represent hundreds of thousands of … Read more »

TEU Tertiary Update

Column – Association of University Staff

Christchurch Polytechnic wants longer days for teachers CPIT is seeking to make its staff teach more hours on more days across the year and give up weeks of leave. Tertiary Education Union (TEU) advocate Kris Smith says it is simply not fair for … Read more »

Government Blocks Parliamentary Hearing on TPP

Press Release – National Distribution Union

The National-led government has blocked a request for a select committee hearing on the implications of the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. Read more »

Geoff Bertram – Fresh Ideas for a Productive Economy

Article – New Zealand Fabian Society

In terms of short-run sustainability, on the whole the New Zealand economy rolls along surprisingly well in terms of its resilience to real and financial shocks. Read more »

Background Briefing on North and South Korea, China

Press Release – US State Department

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: Well, there was a preliminary meeting this morning to work out some of the specific details, and then Ambassador Wi Sung-lac from the South Korean team met this afternoon at 3:00 with his North Korean counterparts, … Read more »

Q+A interview with John Key

Press Release – TVNZ

PM won’t rule out reform of Pharmac as part of Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations: will only do deal “in New Zealand’s best interests” but “everybody puts everything on the table” Read more »

Q+A Panel Discussions

Press Release – TVNZ

Sunday 24th July, 2011 Q+A Panel Discussions. The panel discussions have been transcribed below. The full length video interviews and panel discussions from this morning’s Q+A can be watched on at, Q+A , 9-10am … Read more »

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