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Poloff delivered reftel demarche to Michael McBryde, the Foreign Ministry’s UN Division Deputy Director, urging GNZ to vote no or abstain (as NZ did in November 2009) on the February 26 UN Goldstone Report draft resolution recently …

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Full List of Wikileaks Published on Scoop January 10, 2011

WikiLeaks: UN Goldstone resolution: NZ is watching Europe

10 January 2011 1:44pm | Wikileaks

February 25, 2010. Poloff delivered reftel demarche to Michael McBryde, the Foreign Ministry’s UN Division Deputy Director, urging GNZ to vote no or abstain (as NZ did in November 2009) on the February 26 UN Goldstone Report draft resolution recently … More >>

WikiLeaks: DAS Reed engages on TPP, U.N. reform, Envi Co-Op

10 January 2011 1:43pm | Wikileaks

February 19, 2010. During a series of meetings hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) on February 19, EAP Deputy Assistant (DAS) Secretary Frankie Reed engaged on a wide range of topics including the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), … More >>

WikiLeak: PM Keyhear grievances at Waitangi Day celebration

10 January 2011 1:41pm | Wikileaks

February 10, 2010. On February 5–the day before New Zealand’s official national “Waitangi Day”–the Ambassador and DCM joined a large Diplomatic Corps contingent in Waitangi for a program commemorating the 170th Anniversary of the signing of the … More >>

WikiLeak: Nz on Japanese whaling vessel collision

10 January 2011 1:38pm | Wikileaks

January 7, 2010. On January 7, Econoff spoke with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) Environmental Division Deputy Director Carol Schwalger, who is the chief point of contact on the January 6 collision between a Japanese whaling vessel and … More >>

WikiLeak: Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang visit

10 January 2011 1:35pm | Wikileaks

December 6, 2009. During a November 27 meeting with ChargC), Political and Economic Chief and Econoff, New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs China Desk Director Grahame Morton gave a read-out of Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang’s November 1-3 visit to … More >>

WikiLeak: Requesting additional contributions in Afghanistan

10 January 2011 1:31pm | Wikileaks

November 27, 2009. On November 27, the Charge delivered reftel demarche to Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) Deputy Secretary of Foreign Affairs (Under Secretary equivalent) for the Middle East and Africa Peter Hamilton. Drawing heavily on points … More >>

WikiLeaks: NZ considers presenting at Rio MTCR Plenary

10 January 2011 1:30pm | Wikileaks

August 11, 2009. Poloff delivered reftel points to Jillian Dempster, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s International Security and Disarmament Division and urged GNZ to participate in the Information Exchange during the upcoming … More >>

WikiLeaks: NZ releases documents on US Afghan troop request

10 January 2011 1:28pm | Wikileaks

July 9, 2009. Radio New Zealand (RNZ) reported July 8 that it had obtained New Zealand Government documents that showed that the U.S. Government had put “constant pressure” on the GNZ to increase its military commitment to Afghanistan. Embassy contacted … More >>

WikiLeak: NZ assesses trade highlights of Washington visit

10 January 2011 1:26pm | Wikileaks

June 4, 2009. New Zealand’s Trade Minister Tim Groser categorized all his meetings in Washington as extremely successful; he also expressed decidedly negative reactions to recent dairy export subsidy measures by the U.S. and EU. Groser outlined his plans … More >>

WikiLeaks: NZ response to UNSC 1718 committee

10 January 2011 1:13pm | Wikileaks

May 21, 2009. In response to reftel request, Econoff delivered demarche to New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) Asia Division and New Zealand’s Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). At MFAT, Econoff spoke with Patrick Rata, Deputy Director … More >>

WikiLeaks: NZ will continue to support Amano for IAEA

10 January 2011 1:09pm | Wikileaks

May 11, 2009. On May 8, Acting DCM met with Jillian Dempster, Deputy Director of the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) International Security and Disarmament Division to discuss reftel points. Dempster said that New Zealand … More >>

WikiLeaks: NZ- PIF to suspend Fiji on May 2

10 January 2011 1:07pm | Wikileaks

May 1, 2009. On May 1, Australian media reported that Fijian military leader Bainimarama offered to hold a summit with Australia and New Zealand to persuade both countries that Bainimarama’s proposed timetable for a return to democracy in Fiji is necessary. … More >>

WikiLeak: Labour doomed to wander NZ’s political wilderness?

10 January 2011 1:00pm | Wikileaks

April 23, 2009. Since the November 2008 election that ousted the Labour-led government of former PM Helen Clark, the Labour Party has struggled to define itself in opposition to attract positive media attention as well as the public’s interest. So far the … More >>

WikiLeaks: NZ weighs Afghanistan asks request

10 January 2011 12:59pm | Wikileaks

April 14, 2009. On April 8, Acting DCM and DATT met with Ministry of Defense and Ministry (MOD) of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) officials to present the overview of requested needs and specific asks for New Zealand. (Note: The Charge d’Affaires … More >>

WikiLeak: Is NZ open or opposed to added Afghan deployments?

10 January 2011 12:56pm | Wikileaks

March 26, 2009. March 25, New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully gave his first public speech on the bilateral relationship with the United States (full text emailed to EAP/ANP). He started with his overall assessment: “Relations are, in my judgment, … More >>

WikiLeaks: NZ ‘accepts’ commonwealth decision on Fiji

10 January 2011 12:55pm | Wikileaks

March 6, 2009. harge met with March 5 with Chris Seed, Deputy Secretary in the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) March 5, 2009 who reviewed NZ’s assessment of Fiji developments. Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) meeting … More >>

WikiLeaks: GNZ agrees with USG points on Iran and Syria

10 January 2011 12:54pm | Wikileaks

March 3, 2009. On March 2, Acting DCM met with Jillian Dempster, Deputy Director at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade International Security and Disarmament Division to discuss reftel points. Dempster agreed with the USG views, noting that … More >>

WikiLeaks: NZ insists Commonwealth hold the line on Fiji

10 January 2011 12:52pm | Wikileaks

February 27, 2009. Charge met with Foreign Minister Murray McCully February 26 at his request. McCully said that he is departing over the weekend for London to participate in the Commonwealth Meeting on Fiji. He explained that Papua New Guinea Foreign Minister … More >>

WikiLeaks: NZ input to Afghanistan strategy review

10 January 2011 12:50pm | Wikileaks

February 27, 2009. Reftel request was forwarded to the Government of New Zealand. Post received the following response from Michael Green, the Acting Deputy Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT), handling Afghanistan among other … More >>

WikiLeaks: McCully discusses Fiji and Pacific concerns

10 January 2011 12:47pm | Wikileaks

December 15, 2008. Early in the conversation, FM McCully said that he anticipated that New Zealand,s acting High Commissioner to Suva might be expelled shortly. He explained that during the recent trip of Pacific Island Forum (PIF) foreign ministers … More >>

WikiLeaks: NZ, ASEAN and the ARF disaster relief exercise

10 January 2011 12:45pm | Wikileaks

New Zealand is interested in the ARF Disaster Relief Exercise but will not make a final decision on participation until it receives a formal invitation from the Thai government. The GNZ believes that financial issues will dominate the upcoming ASEAN … More >>

WikiLeaks: NZ supports strong statements on Iran & Syria

10 January 2011 12:43pm | Wikileaks

November 25, 2008. On November 25, Pol/Econ Counselor met with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade International Security and Disarmament Division Chief Joan Mosley and Deputy Director Jillian Dempster to discuss the recent IAEA reports on Iran and … More >>

WikiLeaks: Ambassador pays farewell to PM Helen Clark

10 January 2011 12:41pm | Wikileaks

November 13, 2008. The Ambassador called on Prime Minister Helen Clark November 13 to say farewell as he prepares to conclude his assignment as Ambassador and as the Prime Minister prepares to step down sometime in the next few days. The Ambassador … More >>

WikiLeaks: NZ will not attend Iranian nuclear conference

10 January 2011 12:39pm | Wikileaks

October 30, 2008. In response to reftel, PE Counselor contacted Ministry of oreign Affairs and Trade Iran Desk Officer Marina Anderson on October 22 to inquire as to New Zealand’s possible attendance at the November 30 conference. Anderson explained … More >>

WikiLeaks: NZ and the Serbian ICJ resolution

10 January 2011 12:36pm | Wikileaks

October 16, 2008. On October 14, Pol/Econ Counselor met with Jillian Dempster, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s office for disarmament. PE Counselor made the points in the reftel, focusing on whether or not New Zealand and … More >>

WikiLeaks: NZ and the Serbian ICJ resolution

10 January 2011 12:35pm | Wikileaks

October 6, 2008. In an October 6 meeting with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Deputy Secretary Caroline Forsyth and European Affairs Division policy officer Rob Little, Charge d’Affaires Keegan summarized the points in reftel. He noted that the … More >>

WikiLeaks: NZ elections 2008

10 January 2011 12:32pm | Wikileaks

September 26, 2008. The National Party is making a serious play for Auckland Central, an electorate that has been in nearly uninterrupted Labour control for almost a century. That a 28-year-old virtual unknown has a serious chance of ousting a Labour stalwart … More >>

WikiLeaks: NZ election 2008 – the Chinese vote

10 January 2011 12:29pm | Wikileaks

September 12, 2008. Asians make up nearly 10% of New Zealand’s population, and most of them are Chinese. Chinese are underrepresented in national politics, with only one member of parliament. While Asian representation in parliament may improve this … More >>

WikiLeaks: NZ response to action request

10 January 2011 12:27pm | Wikileaks

September 10, 2008. In response to reftel action request, on September 9 poloff met with Michael McBryde, deputy director of the United Nations and Human Rights Division of the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT). Poloff and McBry More >>

WikiLeaks: Major General Conant’s August visit to NZ

10 January 2011 12:25pm | Wikileaks

August 27, 2008. During a joint visit by DASD James Clad and PACOM J-5 Major General Conant to New Zealand, both met with Minister of Defense Phil Goff, Secretary of Defense John McKinnon, and Vice Chief of the Defense Force Jack Steer. Senior MOD … More >>

WikiLeaks: NZ has conditions for US-India deal

10 January 2011 12:23pm | Wikileaks

August 20, 2008. In an August 20 meeting between the Ambassador and Minister for Disarmament Phil Goff, the Ambassador pointed out the strategic and historic importance of the US-India deal, and the very real possibility that the Indians could shelve … More >>

WikiLeaks: NZ views on USG and the Human Rights Council

10 January 2011 12:22pm | Wikileaks

June 30, 2008. On June 18, Pol/Econ Counselor met with MFAT Deputy Director for the UN, Human Rights and Commonwealth Division, Michael McBryde to discuss reftel contents. McBryde had recently returned from Geneva, where he had participated in the Human … More >>

WikiLeaks: NZ, cluster munitions, and interoperability

10 January 2011 12:11pm | Wikileaks

May 8, 2008. New Zealand considers interoperability to be one of two key issues (the other issue being the definition of a cluster munition that causes unacceptable humanitarian harm) for resolution in Dublin at the upcoming cluster munitions convention meeting … More >>

WikiLeaks: Non-papers delivered regarding UNSCR 1803

10 January 2011 12:09pm | Wikileaks

March 27, 2008. Per Ref A, Non-Paper regarding Iranian Banks’ deceptive financial practices was delivered by Econoff to New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFAT) Middle East Division with responsibility for sanctions issues regarding Iran and … More >>

WikiLeaks: NZ undecided on assistance to Kosovo

10 January 2011 12:08pm | Wikileaks

March 7, 2008. In a February 29 meeting with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) Europe Division Director, George Kroup, and Europe Policy Officer Kate Russell, Pol/Econ Counselor outlined planning for an upcoming donors conference regarding … More >>

WikiLeaks: NZ in step with USG views on OECD Taiwan

10 January 2011 12:07pm | Wikileaks

February 28, 2008. In a January 28 conversation with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) Northeast Asia Director David Taylor, A/DCM reviewed reftel points regarding Taiwan. Taylor responded that much of the USG argument “could have been … More >>

WikiLeaks: Somalia and piracy: New Zealand response

10 January 2011 12:05pm | Wikileaks

February 28, 2008. On February 28, Andrew Robinson, a Middle East and Africa policy officer from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) contacted the Embassy to report on his initial feedback from the Ministry of Defense regarding possible … More >>

WikiLeaks: US and NZ on the same page regarding Cuba

10 January 2011 12:03pm | Wikileaks

February 27, 2008. On February 27, A/DCM met with MFAT Deputy Secretary John McArthur to deliver demarche points. A/DCM noted that the handover to Raul Castro would not constitute systemic change; only elections and improvement in human rights will signal … More >>

WikiLeaks: NZ response on Kosovo independence

10 January 2011 12:02pm | Wikileaks

Charge presented reftel demarche to MFAT Deputy Secretary Peter Hamilton who repeated Prime Minister Clark’s earlier insistence that New Zealand has an established practice of not publicly announcing diplomatic recognition but allowing it to be inferred … More >>

WikiLeaks: Lobbying NZ on Kosovo independence

10 January 2011 12:00pm | Wikileaks

DCM presented the demarche reftel to Caroline Forsyth, MFAT Deputy Secretary for Multilateral and Global Affairs, on February 12. She responded that New Zealand has been following developments in Kosovo closely. GNZ has a long-standing established … More >>

WikiLeaks: GNZ shares similar views on ARF

10 January 2011 11:34am | Wikileaks

February 7, 2008. On February 7, Pol/Econ Counselor delivered reftel demarche material to Tim McIvor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) head of the Asia Regional Unit that deals with ARF and ASEAN affairs. McIvor indicated that the GNZ had already … More >>

WikiLeaks: Dobriansky’s January 15 meeting with PM Clark

10 January 2011 11:32am | Wikileaks

February 7, 2008. New Zealand PM Clark believes the indifference of most Japanese to whaling leaves the most extreme whaling advocates free to drive GOJ policy. Clark opposes Antarctic tourism and she is pleased with her government’s efforts to get … More >>

WikiLeaks: Codel Hoyer meets with GNZ leadership

10 January 2011 11:30am | Wikileaks

January 18, 2008. On January 9, a 13-member Congressional delegation led by House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) and Minority Whip Roy Blunt (R-MO) met with Deputy and Acting Prime Minister Michael Cullen and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade … More >>

WikiLeaks: NZ response to NIE on Iran’s nuclear program

10 January 2011 11:27am | Wikileaks

December 4, 2007. DCM met with MFAT Deputy Secretary Alan Williams December 4 to present NIE and talking points per reftel. Williams said that MFAT would immediately prepare a summary for cabinet and the Prime Minister. 2. (S) Williams commented that … More >>

WikiLeaks: NZ to remain tough on Burma

10 January 2011 11:25am | Wikileaks

November 9, 2007. Pol/Econ Counselor met on November 5 with Bernadette Cavanaugh, the newly arrived head of the SouQast Asian office at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) to discuss Burma and next steps for the GNZ. Cavanagh related that … More >>

WikiLeaks: Supporting Argentina’s request for Interpol

10 January 2011 11:24am | Wikileaks

November 2, 2007. In response to reftel demarche, Pol/Econ Counselor spoke with an Argentine Embassy official, who related that the Government of Argentina’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs had discussed the issue of the red notices with the New Zealand … More >>

WikiLeaks: A/S Hill reviews regional and bilateral issues

10 January 2011 11:21am | Wikileaks

October 30, 2007. During an October 19 stopover in Auckland, EAP A/S Christopher R. Hill met MFAT Secretary Simon Murdoch to review regional and bilateral issues. They agreed that the Pacific Islands Forum had produced good results, holding the … More >>

WikiLeaks: Next round of NZ deployments to Afghanistan

10 January 2011 11:19am | Wikileaks

October 22, 2007. DCM recently discussed current mil-mil relations with New Zealand Ministry of Defence (MOD) CEO John McKinnon. McKinnon reported that MOD was preparing a submission to a select Cabinet committee on future deployments to Afghanistan after … More >>

WikiLeaks: National party defense policy 2007

10 January 2011 11:17am | Wikileaks

National’s recent “discussion paper” on foreign policy, trade, and defense, committed the party to continue the rebuilding of the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) initiated by Labour PM Clark. National MP Wayne Mapp argued that it was Labour who began its … More >>

WikiLeaks: NZ’s priorities for 07 Pacific Island Forum Meet

10 January 2011 11:10am | Wikileaks

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s (MFAT) Pacific Division views Fiji’s return to democracy, the status of RAMSI in the Solomon Islands, and support for the Regional Integrated Framework (RIF) as the GNZ’s key issues for discussion at … More >>

WikiLeaks: NZ on de-alerting of nuclear forces

10 January 2011 11:06am | Wikileaks

On October 10, P/E Counselor met with Carolyn McDonald, Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Disarmament Division, Deputy Director Jillian Dempster, and Policy Officer Raylene Liufalani regarding the USG position on New Zealand’s … More >>


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